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Jim Walters, director of Vision Ministries, has been serving as a Capital Fund Campaign consultant since 1988. He has 13 years of prior experience as a campaign consultant with the national fund campaign organization of the Church of God in North America (Anderson, IN). Jim was one of the most successful consultants in that organization’s history. He has served as a consultant with churches and ministries groups in such places as: California, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, West Virginia --- as well as Barbados and Canada. He has a proven track record and brings effective, tested methods to this ministry for today’s church.
The product of a pastor’s home, Jim has a love for and understanding of the local church, having pastored for 31 years prior to founding Vision Ministries. His three pastorates included a new church plant in Indiana for 14 years. Jim led his own congregations through nine such successful capital fund campaigns. He brings a heart and passion for how these campaigns can bring strength and focus to the church’s vision and ministry.

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